All About Synthetic Wigs

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Modern artificial wigs mimic real hair and hairstyles flawlessly. In fact, most people wouldn't be able to tell between someone wearing a well-made synthetic and someone not wearing a wig at all. But there are significant differences between wigs made of real hair and those that are not.

Synthetic wigs are easier to care for and more affordable than wigs made of real hair. They are able to retain their shape and form for a longer time period and require little work to style in comparison. They are also frequently considered to be more comfortable in the summer because of their light weight. Another benefit is their longevity if treated well.

The most important thing to remember when caring for your wig is that synthetics cannot be treated like real hair.

You cannot use normal shampoo, conditioner, sprays, or other materials on them. They will become damaged and irreparable. Instead you must use products specially designed for synthetic wigs. Synthetic wigs do not handle heat well. They are made of plastic and will melt if exposed to curling irons or hair dryers on high heat. When washing and caring for your wig, use cool water. You do not need to be vigorous, instead carefully squeeze the water from it before padding dry with a towel. Put it back on its head form to dry and always when it isn't being worn. This will make sure the style stays longer. Once your wig has dried it can be styled and brushed safely. If your wig becomes tangled, usually running your fingers through it will suffice. Sometimes a gentle brushing with a wig comb is recommended. These special brushes will have rubber ends to keep from tearing the wig. Remember that if you treat your synthetic wigs well, the wig will look great for years to come.
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All About Synthetic Wigs

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This article was published on 2010/09/29