Choosing The Right Wig

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Wigs have certainly come a long way. Ancient Egyptians used wigs to shield their hairless heads from the sun, while the Japanese used them for theatrical purposes. In the 16th century they were mainly used to enhance ones appearance. Wigs certainly look different now than they were back then, thanks to the latest innovations in creating wigs.

Although there have been numerous developments in the quality of human hair wigs, they still tend to differ in terms of quality and fit, and some of them still dont look natural. A quality wig must have a few traits before it can be called a quality wig. There are several things to consider in making sure that you get a nice, natural looking wig.

Consider the quality of the hair being used. Real human hair feels more natural and real compared to synthetic hair. Its always a good idea to go for human hair with their natural look, although they do vary in terms of quality. It goes without saying that the hair used should be soft and smooth.

Having a proper fit ensures a natural look, as if the hair is indeed growing from your head. However, the quality and fit may be right, but if the part line can easily be seen, youre better off not wearing it. The wig has to have realistic looking scalp for it to look natural. Few wig lines like Aspen wigs have realistic scalp.

Make sure that the wigs hair color matches the tone of your skin and color of your eyebrows. Its fun to experiment, and there are colors that can accentuate your features, but dont get a color that doesnt match your natural colors. Collections like Aspen wigs come in a variety of styles and colors to ensure that youll get the natural look you want from a wig.

Good quality wigs like Aspen wigs should have the right texture. There are a lot of textures currently available, such as Remy and European. Coarse hair texture is more suited to people with darker skin tones, whereas people with fair skin tones are better off with European hair. Shopping for a wig can be a pretty tiring experience, but if you keep these factors in mind, youll find a wig that will put a smile on your face and give you a stunning look.
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Choosing The Right Wig

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This article was published on 2011/01/11